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Traditional Games and Puzzles

Traditional board games to amuse children of all generations for hours on end.

There are traditional and contemporary chess sets and cribbage boards to help develop strategy and mental math skills aa well as the old favourites ludo and snakes and ladders.

We also have sets with playing cards, dice and dominoes as well as a selection of the traditional Javanese Dakon game sets.
Old School Chess, Draughts and Backgammon Set
Folding chess and backgammon set available in 3 sizes
Dragon Dakon Game
Standing dragon Dakon board game
Extra Large Classic Chess Set
Extra large folding chess set with storage.
Javanese Dakon Game
Traditional Dakon family board game.
Square Magnetic Chess Set
Small magnetic chess set with storage drawer.
Magnetic Octagonal Chess Set
Small magnetic chess set with storage drawer.
Classic Chess Set
Small hand carved magnetic chess set.
Large Classic Chess Set
Large hand carved classic chess set.
Retro Ludo Game
Magnetic ludo travel game.
Retro Snakes & Ladders Game
Magnetic snakes and ladders travel game.
Wooden Chess Set
Hand carved wooden chess set with storage box.