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Vases and Decorative Items

We have vases made from glass, bamboo and pottery in a range of colours, styles and sizes as well as a selection of decorative ornaments and photo frames in a range of sizes.

There is also a range of decorative items to grace any mantlepiece, sideboard or display cabinet.

Choose from wooden carvings to metal table ornaments or aluminium models to smiling buddhas.
Day to Remember Perpetual Calender
A wooden block calender with pen holder in choice of design and colour.
Mackintosh Photo Frame
Glass and wire 4"x 6" photo frame from Mackintosh
Suar Wood Balance Wine Holder
Balance wine holder created from a single piece of wood.
Mini Mannequin
Miniature wire mannequin
Large Elephant with Shawl
Large Electroplated Indian Elephant
Carved Heart
Hand carved ornament on a stand.
Pair Of Wooden Birds On A Base
Carved wooden birds on a base.
Lilac Rhino Vase
Bent glass vase. H450mm
Abstract Yoga
Abstract carving of someone practising Yoga.
Mango Wood Spectacle Stand
Wooden spectacle stand with moustache.
The Thinker
Abstract wooden figure of a person deep in thought.
Silver Grey Glass Pear
Decorative silver glass pear ornament.
Bamboo Vase
Lacquered egg shape bamboo vase.
Metal Horn Table Art
Large ornamental table centre piece.
Hepburn Sculpture
Abstract garden sculpture.
Silver Plated Photo Frames
Silver plated photo frames with an anti-tarnish finish.
Starburst Photo Frame
Crystal starburst photo frames in two sizes
Holding On
An aluminium figure hanging on!